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NeoCharge Smart Splitter

Guaranteed Savings

Easily track your home charging stats, charge up at the cheapest and greenest times, and control your EVs in one unified dashboard.


Plug into faster, safer, and more accessible home EV charging access. Eliminate the need for expensive panel upgrades and installations. The Smart Splitter has safe and automatic switching with a software breaker for protection while providing up to 7x faster charging for your EVs. No permit is required! Paired with a WiFi-connected app for real-time power tracking, it empowers you to take control of your energy consumption. All Smart Splitters are UL safety certified and work with every EV sold in North America.

Simplify and optimize your electric vehicle (EV) charging experience with the NeoCharge Smart Splitter. This innovative device allows you to efficiently share a single 240V outlet between two EV chargers or other high-powered appliances, eliminating the need for expensive electrical upgrades. With its intelligent load balancing and user-friendly design, the NeoCharge Smart Splitter ensures safe, efficient, and convenient charging for your EVs.

Key Features:

  1. Smart Load Balancing:

    • Automatically balances the electrical load between two connected devices.

    • Ensures both devices receive the optimal amount of power without overloading the circuit.

  2. Plug-and-Play Installation:

    • Easy to install with no need for professional electrical work or permits.

    • Simply plug the Smart Splitter into your existing 240V outlet and connect your devices.

  3. Compatibility:

    • Compatible with all major EV chargers and other high-powered appliances.

    • Works seamlessly with popular brands like Tesla, ChargePoint, and JuiceBox.

  4. Enhanced Safety:

    • Built-in safety features such as overcurrent protection and thermal monitoring.

    • Prevents electrical hazards and ensures safe operation at all times.

  5. Energy Monitoring:

    • Real-time energy usage monitoring via the NeoCharge app.

    • Track your energy consumption and optimize your charging schedule to save on electricity costs.

  6. Durable Design:

    • Constructed with high-quality materials for long-lasting performance.

    • Weather-resistant casing suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

  7. User-Friendly App:

    • Control and monitor your Smart Splitter from anywhere with the NeoCharge app, available for iOS and Android.

    • Set charging schedules, receive alerts, and view detailed usage reports.


  • Voltage: 240V

  • Current Capacity: Up to 40A

  • Compatibility: Works with all major EV chargers and high-powered appliances

  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi enabled for remote monitoring and control

  • Dimensions: Compact design to fit in tight spaces


  • Ideal for households with multiple EVs requiring efficient and safe charging.

  • Suitable for sharing power between an EV charger and other 240V appliances like dryers or water heaters.


  • Cost Savings: Avoid costly electrical upgrades by sharing a single outlet between two devices.

  • Convenience: Charge multiple EVs or run high-powered appliances without having to swap plugs or manage complex setups.

  • Safety: Ensure safe and reliable operation with advanced safety features and load balancing.

Importance of the NeoCharge Smart Splitter:

The NeoCharge Smart Splitter is an essential tool for EV owners looking to optimize their home charging setup. By intelligently sharing power between two devices, it eliminates the need for expensive electrical work and ensures that your EVs are charged safely and efficiently. With its smart load balancing, enhanced safety features, and user-friendly app, the NeoCharge Smart Splitter provides a seamless and cost-effective solution for modern EV charging needs.

Invest in the NeoCharge Smart Splitter to maximize the efficiency and convenience of your EV charging experience. Enjoy the benefits of smart load management, cost savings, and enhanced safety with this innovative device designed to meet the demands of the modern EV owner.

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